Both extremely beautiful, however, I would need to feel like Ava at height out-of the lady charm, she was unbelievably excellent

Sure r24, Ziegfield Female displayed Hedy at the this lady most incredible. I have seen after photo regarding the girl in the event, and you will she had certain horrible plastic surgery.

Ava had everything – simply consider stills away from the lady for the Pandora as well as the Flying Dutchman. She encountered the thinking as well.

R43 are you seriously interested in Lana Turner? Hahah. Of course you simply can’t getting severe! Lana Turner try perhaps one of the most beautiful Hollywood performers one has actually starred in the fresh new celluloid. Have you been blind to beauty? However, that really must be! The young Lana Turner try one of the most beautiful and you can nice creatures with the world,she featured so fresh, so innocent and so nice even with the woman private escapades. Bing ‘Lana Turner and Steven Crane within a los angeles Heavens Ft while in the Business Combat II’, of course, if you find this lady if you find it on the stoney heart, slander the girl once again.

Due to the fact Lana increased earlier she don’t research ridiculous anyway due to the fact you say that she featured. This lady shows turned into more strong along with her deal with earlier. She don’t getting unattractive at all! Definitely, that you don’t expect of an individual who is at 65 otherwise 70 to look including the epitome from beauty, nobody is then! Excite carry out me a favour and show a small respect to possess that woman. Despite the woman individual mishaps and you may crappy choices, Lana Turner try constantly attempting to make herself beautiful for other individuals and her of many insecurities failed to make the woman aloof until she increased dated and you will got unwell. To expose your beauty and you may looking to maintain that charm was demanding in this banging, indifferent industry i live-in, thus Please getting smaller smart the next time you determine to establish otherwise say something.

Lana Turner young appeared as if more dry lint with chest, and also as an adult girl appeared to be the kind of slag you would get a hold of seated within the good tavern hoping a smile gets their a drink, therefore you to definitely were not successful a ridiculous groan

Hedy: regal, prime, an intellectual icon in addition to “the most beautiful lady globally”. And a good Jewish woman out of Vienna!

E Taylor told Larry Queen, as he expected their which she thought are the most beautiful woman into the Movie industry immediately said “Ava.”

Taylor proceeded to spell it out how she would never forget enjoying Ava the very first time and that itliterally grabbed the woman inhale out.

Ava Gardner has a lot more of an identifiable research, and nobody appeared as if their. Hedy Lamarr was breathtaking appear to turns out Vivien Leigh.

Ava Gardner within her teens was a great deity, and I’ve realize account of people that she are apparently also even more fantastic privately, if you can imagine

Ava and you will Hedy had anything dykish and you may inconsistent within their deal with provides. Lana hadn’t you to so i choose as well to own Lana Turner. I really like many of these women a great deal, yet not we identify what added me to my personal solutions. To each and every Their unique, at all!

Whenever she went on a-room she turned brains. Ava old quickly away from all liquor and puffing (and that sooner or later slain the woman at the a fairly early age) in the girl perfect she are superb.

Ava and you may Lana= High chemistry They were best friends and additionally they had a great deal in common and you will a comparable preference in the something and you may men and you can. whatever else you to definitely Jesus understands just! In the Cheryl Crane’s (daughter off Lana Turner)bio off Lana, Cheryl says you to definitely Ava Gardner had offered pieces of her personal accessories so you’re able to Lana due to the fact a gift and you can Cheryl mentioned that she try certain that the woman mother got complete the same getting Ava.

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