Our Programs and EVents


Our programs and services


The Community Inclusion and Betterment Program encourages participants to create a stronger sense of connection to their community by providing assistance to local nonprofits and organizations in need. The objective of the program is to improve the community by helping the nonprofit/organization achieve their outcome ( g . feeding homeless, cleaning a park, helping at the animal shelter, etc.), while instilling a sense of community and philanthropy within the volunteers.​


Many communities like Bartow County don’t have the resources or facilities to host community based events. The Community Events Program organizes events for the Bartow County community with the sole goal for individuals of the community to participate and connect/ reconnect with other individuals from the community in a fun and positive environment. The program aims to organize four quarterly events throughout the year, with the summer event being a Charity Basketball Tournament. Community based events are a powerful way to build relationships and create a sense of community between individuals.​

Belles of the Ball Program

The Belles of the Ball Program provides prom dresses and other related assistance to low income and/or vulnerable teen girls so that they can participate in their proms and graduation events. The program works with local retailers and community organizations to receive dresses or cash donations to either purchase dresses or help provide financial assistance for other related expenses ( e.g. hair and makeup)

Youth Leadership Summer Camp

The Youth Leadership Summer Camp aims to provide a constructive outlet for youth for 8 weeks during the summer break through fun and engaging activities. The camp develops leadership skills and competencies with youth participants through confidence building and future planning exercises.


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