Solution: According to Ihtiyat Wajib, it really is haram for a lady to look at the human body of a non-Mahram people

Solution: it’s not a problem for females to check out the face area and arms alongside areas of the body that men generally you should never protect, if it isn’t using the goal of crave or anxiety about falling into sin. AGKLMS

However, the permissibility for a woman to check out the parts of the body of a non-Mahram guy which happen to be generally leftover available, eg, your head, etc… is certainly not free from doubt, unless this looking guides or helps one out of committing a sin.B

12 a€“ matter: could it be permissible for men to look at the facial skin and hands of a non-Mahram woman who’s in the Taqlid of a Marjaa€? who says that it’s permissible to keep these available?

Response: there is absolutely no link between the permissibility of maintaining the hands and face available and seeking at these portion.G

It is also haram to examine one’s very own looks when you look at the mirror or in anything else together with the intention of causing sexual satisfaction

13 a€“ guideline: it is far from permissible to check out a non-Mahram woman who’s any charm on her behalf, regardless if it’s things such a female attempting on some clothes, a band, a wristband, a belt, or anything to see if it matches. AKG

In the event the zinat about face and fingers comes with a regular band, and/or elimination of hair on your face or implementing Surma, even when these are common among older people, it is no problem for a person to look at these areas provided that its done without having the intention of lust. However, for other kinds of zinat, including, bracelets and bangles, these needs to be sealed from non-Mahram boys and likewise for this, non-Mahram guys are banned to consider such things sometimes. T

14 a€“ concern: will it be permissible to examine the sole, best, back on the leg or the calf of a non-Mahram Muslim lady if she’s not covered it effectively, of course it really is minus the intention of crave?

Solution: No, it’s not enabled, and with the exemption regarding the face and fingers, one just isn’t authorized to examine any kind of parts your body of a non-Mahram girl. ABK

Address: it’s haram to examine the human body of a non-Mahram girl at all, and in accordance with Ihtiyat Wajib, it is not permissible to check out her face and palms either. Grams

Address: when the girl is among some of those just who observes her the proper Islamic hijab, or if perhaps she got advised in regards to the hijab, she’d follow it, then it’s perhaps not permissible to check out those parts, otherwise it is not problems. S

Response: per Ihtiyat, it is far from permitted to consider the legs (top and bottom for the base around the ankle)T

15 a€“ Rule: If one fears that when the guy discusses a non-Mahram girl he will probably fall into sin, he then mustn’t evaluate the girl. AKLMS

16 a€“ guideline: really haram to examine a non-Mahram girl together with the aim of lust. or even to bring about sexual pleasure, also it could be the woman face and fingers, or even the model of the girl system. ABGKLMST

D) General Regulations

17 a€“ tip: truly haram to consider anybody or such a thing making use of aim of lust or because of the worry this one will fall into sin (with the exception of your wife), no matter if you’re examining a Mahram. This guideline relates to taking a look at a lady, people, pet, inanimate object, picture, movies, statue, or other thing. ABGKL

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