Love Travels Inc.

What We Do

Our projects

Our goal is to bring positivity and love into communities. We host events to increase awareness in our community and to bring the community together. Our desire is to show the youth the importance of simply being kind.

Love Travels Inc. is a 501 c3 nonprofit with a mission to create strong, vibrant and resilient communities through youth leadership development, promotion of inclusion and a community betterment network. Our vision is to build communities promoting love, connection and inclusion, where no one is left behind, and the power of unity can conquer all.

Our Programs
Community Inclusion & Betterment Program

The objective of the program is to improve the community through various volunteer activities and community enrichment tasks such as feeding homeless, cleaning a park, helping at the animal shelter, etc.

Bartow County Community Events Program

 The Program organizes events for the Bartow County community with the sole goal for individuals of the community to participate and connect/reconnect with other individuals from the community in a fun and positive environment. 

Our Chapters
Belles of the Ball Program

The Belles of the Ball Program provides prom dresses and other
related assistance to low income and/or vulnerable teen girls so that
they can participate in their proms and graduation events. The

Bartow County Chapter

Our Bartow County Chapter seeks to bring the Bartow community together to spread love. We seek to emphasize the value of helping your neighbor in their time of need.

University of West Georgia Chapter

Our University of West Georgia chapter is dedicated to enhancing student development and creating a positive culture on campus. We seek to show college students the value of giving back and being kind. We have created a family for students while they are away from home.

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